Is Civil Unrest in the U.S. Coming Next?



Is Civil Unrest in the U.S. Coming Next?

 2020 started out bright and rosy. The economy was strong, and businesses around the world expected it to be a rewarding year.

 But then COVID-19 arrived on American shores.

When the economy and GDP drop and unemployment rates go up, as is happening now, the possibility of civil unrest increases by a pre-calculated amount as well. Further, the upcoming elections are causing more tension.

This means that corporate campuses, businesses, venue operators, building owners and managers should be taking steps to protect their top executives, their companies, property, and their staff. For many, this is totally uncharted territory and civil unrest can turn businesses upside down in minutes.

Your best defense against such situations is to be proactive. You must understand what risks are present now and what risks may materialize over time. This calls for experts in corporate security.


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